The Free Wifi Web Interface!

This is the official homepage of the WiFiAdmin project, a free environment for the administration of the linux wifi Hotspot, released under the GPL. It acts as an advanced Web interface to any wireless tools enabled wireless driver, like HOSTAP. It is written in clean PHP4 and with the help of tools like RRDTool, it can produce numerous graphs of various wireless information.

Why install wifiadmin?

Wifiadmin can make the life of the wireless node administrator more productive. Managing your client assosiations on any Master mode interface is easy. Changing ethernet and wireless settings can be done within seconds. Signal-to-noise ratio is one of the graphs provided for the monitoring of the hotspots state. Wifiadmin is more than a web interface. It is developed in a community wireless network, PatrasWireless. We aim at bringing features that help the community wireless evolve. Wifiadmin supports users, so an Access Point association is not only a MAC address, but a named user with registered services.

07 July 2008

Ohh ... at last

Finaly it happened. Wifiadmin 0.1.0 (tagged beta) is released. I will not mention feutures here as they can be found here on the project home page. Despite the beta tag extended work on bug and code clearance has been made. Please do file a bug as mentioned at the support page when found as this will help us close this last big development cycle and make you happy.. Happy holidays...

16 May 2008

Issues, issues,...

The development continues, lots of fixes, new feautures added. Most important are internationalization support (you can definetely contrib if you'd like wifiadmin be on your native language) and realtime graphs. We could release now but we'll wait for some testing and security additions. For the impatient CVS is always at a recent (fairly stable) state


15 April 2008

Project reopening

We have two new team members at the development team (basos,korki) aiming to extent the functionality of wifiadmin. As we speak version 0.1 (after adopting a new 2 digit versioning format) is being prepared and expected to come out by the end of the month or some days later. Lots of aditions, some fixes. As a starting point we say that wifiadmin will support madwifi cards to some extend. So Feedback for madwifi and hostap will be at most welcome. We would also like to know for other wifi drivers but we don't have a testing platform for now. For latest new check this website

Just to add that feedback will be limited and prioritized. i.e. READ the README, TODO, CHANGELOG at your release before asking. If you think it is a bug, or have a feuture request don't hesitate to post at the tracker on sourceforge project homepage. [bugs will be first priority]. We could provide some limited user support via the mailing list but don't expect full time job.. [we are free time developers]

21 January 2006

It has been more than a year since the last release of WiFiadmin. The original developers occupy their time with other things. If you feel like taking over, please send us an email. This project is officially dormant.

26 February 2005

There is a little bug with wifiadmin 0.0.4 and newest hostap driver. It exposes some fake interface names, wifiX, that do no harm, but look ugly. This is fixed in the CVS code. Here is a patch against wifiadmin-0.0.4 that fixes the problem. To apply it, download it to a convenient path, cd to wifiadmin-0.0.4 directory, and run: patch -p1 < path-to-the-patch/no-wifi.patch. Thanks to Drag0n for pointing this out.

22 December 2004

Version 0.0.4 is out! If upgrading, don't forget to change your sudo configuration. Cron jobs are the same. Dont forget to send some feedback by joining our mailing list. Here's the changelog:

  • Adopted iwconfig output parsing instead of reading /proc files for interaction with the system, as this method guarantees greater compatibility with drivers other than HOSTAP.Everything apart association list is tested with madwifi drivers too
  • Site survey results now appear in a nifty sortable table
  • Added a new setting. New users are either allowed to register themselves, or only admin can insert new users
  • CSS, layout improvements, code enhancements throughout the project
  • Several security fixes, hardened sudo configuration
  • Dynamic sorting on the client side with JavaScript for various tables
  • 802.11 "rate" and network traffic graphs per interface added
Some known minor bugs, patches are welcome:
  • RRD graphs for User Assosiations on Master mode devices show the numbers as float numbers when assosiations are less than 10.
  • The client-side sorting functionnality does not sort numbers that represent bytesizes in KB, MB, GB in the correct way.

17 December 2004

New site version. New releases, changelogs, announcements will be posted here. Hope you like the layout!

08 December 2004

We try to make releases often, but the code in the CVS is usually fairly stable too. You can browse the cvs repository, or checkout a copy at the sourceforge cvs page.

01 December 2004

Join wifiadmin users mailing list now, by clicking here. Get involved and help WiFiAdmin evolve!

20 November 2004

WiFiAdmin 0.0.3 is out! Bugfix release for 0.0.2. Next version is definately going to have a decent changelog :). Logo eXTReMe Tracker